Talks on Alice Hawkins - a Suffragette
Alice Hawkins

Alice Hawkins


A favourite poem postcard of Alice’s

A favourite poem postcard of Alice’s

Peter’s talks on his great-grandmother’s life give an informative account of one women’s fight for her human rights and the rights of women of the day. Delivered with enthusiasm, the talks cover Alice’s early life and campaigning work through to her suffragette years and beyond. The talks are illustrated with an extensive collection of suffragette memorabilia that once belonged to Alice and is still with the family to this day, providing the audience with a very visual account of her struggle and also of the women she campaigned with, including the Pankhurst sisters.

Peter has numerous anecdotes of his media appearances, including the BBC Antiques Roadshow, Jeremy Vine radio show and more, and these are included where appropriate to the audience.

Whilst part of the national heritage of the country, it is ultimately an uplifting account of a woman overcoming adversity in her life and winning through, and is a moral tale for our times.

Over the years Peter’s talks have proved extremely popular to a wide range of audiences and most bookings now come through recommendation.


Fees will be appropriate to the organisation, size of the audience, venue and travel costs from Peter’s base in Northamptonshire.

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