Talks on Alice Hawkins - a Suffragette
Alice Hawkins

Alice Hawkins

Great-grandson Peter Barratt

Alice’s great-grandson Peter

Alice's great-grandson Peter Barratt

is an entertaining, enthusiastic and informative speaker who gives illustrated talks and lectures on the life of his suffragette great-grandmother Alice Hawkins, who campaigned for women’s rights one hundred years ago.

Asked by chance some eight years ago to speak to a local society, Peter has since spoken to women’s groups, societies and schools across the country on numerous occasions and has become a popular and much sought after speaker.

With first-hand accounts of the suffragette marches told to him by his grandfather, stories of her ‘granny Alice’ by his mother and illustrated with a fantastic collection of suffragette memorabilia still in the family to this day, Peter’s talks appeal to a wide range of audiences and has won much praise over the years for keeping alive the memories of a fight for the most basic of human rights, the right to vote.

Peter is invited onto local radio programmes on a regular basis and has taken part in such national programmes as BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour and Radio Two The Jeremy Vine Show. In addition Peter has appeared on the BBC Antiques Road show and has also been invited onto the BBC The One Show and BBC2 Priceless Antiques Roadshow.

With an extensive knowledge of Alice’s life and campaigning work, Peter’s talks are tailored according to the audience and will appeal to schools, societies, luncheon clubs and as an after dinner speaker.

For a more detailed account of Alice’s life, check out Peter’s web site designed as a free learning resource for students of all ages.

To find out how to book Peter go to Contact Peter.

Stop Press: June 2013 is the centenary of suffragette Emily Davison throwing herself under the King’s Horse at the Derby. Watch the national press/TV for coverage of this iconic event in the history of the suffragette movement.

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